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"You have nine Grammy nominations between the two of you," host Carson Daly says. She scrunches herself into a corner and stares out the window as the rain dribbles down. "As much as I want to say it didn't matter, it really did," she confesses.

With her litany of complaints and demands, Brooks has been much more of a bitch than a mother or a child or a lover. To worsen matters, a viewer poll predicting the Grammy winners is posted. Daly asks Cole and Brooks about how their lives have changed in the past month. It is dark and rainy outside, silent and cozy in the car. ," "I Don't Want to Wait" – the theme song for the series – and the most recent, "Me." Lilith Fair brought more Cole fans (who will rejoice at her return engagement this summer), and this whole seven-Grammy-nomination business closed the deal, famewise, for Paula Cole of Rockport, Massachusetts, former hotel-lounge singer and card-carrying soul-sister woman. "I really thought I wasn't going to win anything." After she accepted the award, she went backstage and sobbed.

Records and Imago Recording just to get an accounting of royalties she's owed' for Dawson's Creek, as well as other programmes which feature her music. Style, Katie said: 'I don’t know, does it work today? You know, it’s kind of like your parents — they never get out of their fifties, that’s where they are.

Paula Cole — the woman whose voice evokes millions of memories for my generation thanks to “I Don’t Wanna Wait” — is releasing her fifth studio album today, but it is the first she has completely written herself. They are helping me, supporting me, with everything going on with my album, and my girl starting 3rd grade. Now with ‘Ithaca’ out today, I feel like I have a brand new career ahead of me.

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The 47-year-old singer allegedly 'had to fight Warner Bros.

Robert was born in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, to James Cole and Ann “Annie” Skeith.

Sarah was born either born in Ireland or Northern Ireland, to James Riddle and Eliza. Paula’s maternal grandparents were Michael De Simone and Antonia Bartnik.


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