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When you’re put to one of those really difficult decisions, it’s a matter of follow-through, on knowing that what you think is right no matter how much money it’s gonna cost you. There’s that little bit that you don’t have control over. In order to be a really good poker player, you can’t be risk averse. You’re spending every minute in really, really deep thought.

After several weeks of Commission investigation of the source code, a method was detected by which specific users could gain access to “hole” card data in real time.Annie Duke began her poker career shortly after moving to Billings, Montana, with her then husband, Ben Duke.Annie played in the cardrooms Billings in order to earn some extra money, and thanks to her older brother’s lessons, she soon became a very successful player.Certainly Duke has been accused of improperly looking at opponents' hole cards in live play (albeit by her nemesis, Daniel Negreanu), but this accusation of online cheating was completely new.Creating further intrigue is a post by Two Plus Two member "dougmanct" (who has "Centurion" status at the site) which casts doubt on whether the "God-mode" cheating software could operate on a time delay: "Just want to point out, as the researcher who collected UB client software and decompiled/examined it at great length to understand the specific cheating mechanism, I can tell you it never appeared to function on a "time delay"; i.e.As the Ultimate Bet scandal recordings continue to stir up the poker community, one intriguing, polarizing name has popped to the surface—Annie Duke.


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