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Badger is pleased to announce the appointment of Douglas Towne to fulfill the role of General Manager of the Badger Swim Club.A longtime Badger, dating pre 1980, Doug has a singular understanding of Badger’s traditions, and its present goals.Besides his experiences as a Badger swimmer and parent, Doug has been an integral part of Swim Across America, the NYAC’s swim team and is a coaching member of USA Swimming.

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Incidentally, she is taking her stuffed monkey, Willie Nelson, with her to Rio — she apparently never travels without him.5.

Lochte was the only member of the team to swim earlier in the event's semifinals. America hasn't lost the relay in an Olympics since 2000.

Phelps, Dwyer and Haas were added to the squad before the finals, where their fresh bodies and strong showings earlier in these Games gave the U. Phelps has been a member of all four teams, dating back to the Athens games.

Banned by USA Swimming: February 13, 2009Current status: Incarcerated, Federal Correctional Institution, Miami Caragol was an assistant swim coach at the Pine Crest School in Florida, a college preparatory academy.

In 2008, he was found guilty of possession and distribution of child pornography and sentenced to 151 months in prison and five years of supervised release.


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