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The AFP Child Protection Operations (CPO) team performs an investigative and coordination role within Australia for multijurisdictional and international online child sex exploitation matters within the online and travel and tourism environments.

These matters include those to and from Australian State and Territory Police, government and non-government organisations (including Internet Service Providers and Internet Content Hosts), the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT), international law enforcement agencies, Interpol and members of the public.

The AFP investigates online child exploitation which occurs using a telecommunications service, such as computers with internet connectivity or mobile phones.

The best revenge is living insanely well - so if you wanna get back at a 17 year old girl for the grievous crime of enjoying her life, the best way to do it is to succeed in your OWN existence." The filmmaker went on to say that attacking people online "merely communicates how creatively and emotionally bankrupt you are." "You think you have something to offer the world but others are getting all the attention?“While we cannot comment on individual cases, we would remind people to exercise care online, particularly when using social media.“We all deserve to be able to use the internet to learn, explore and connect with each other.Grooming and procuring of children over the internet is also investigated by the AFP.This is when an adult has made online contact with a child under the age of sixteen with the intention of facilitating a sexual relationship., especially those entries that focus on the weddings of two ambitious, Type-A personalities, both of whom launched their own hedge funds or internet companies, but only after they built a hospital in a third-world country with their bare hands.


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