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(All Hip Hop Rumors) It looks like the 6 God may have a new girlfriend, or just a new flavor of the week. Anyway, Drizzy was spotted with some mystery girl at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood on Sunday. It was obvious from the woman by his side that it wasn’t just a guys night.

I honestly believe that in the back of Drake’s mind he wants to get married one day, but he’s just still enjoying the bachelor lifestyle.

– Wanting to make food for everyone but you wake up late and only have time to buy lunchables and take it to the boys before lunch time.– Everyone calling you “mom” because you’re always either scolding them or praising them and feeding them so– Jin’s offended because you replaced him but he’s thankful because now he can take his naps in peace and you’ve lost that privilege.

E Monster.” – “Yeah okay Namjoon”– Staying late at night with him at the studio even though you have work the next morning because every time you try to leave he whines, “I need you to inspire me,” so you wind up either passed out on the leather couch behind him or bent over the back of it.

• Lots of embarrassing nicknames for him that you obviously use in front of the other boys• “Joooonnniieeee, I’m tired.”• “Namjoonie, baby, I want to go cuddle.”• “MY MAIN NAM JAMS! I mean this is an obvious one• KINKS OH THE KINKS (daddy? But I see him being dominant)• vacations to New York and shopping in Times Square• Namjoon walking around the house shirtless• “See something you like?

But the biggest perk might be the brand-new Nicki Minaj single now being released only in-app, "Ain't Gone Do It." The game is available for download now via App Store or Google Play, where it currently is getting five-star reviews from early users.

A famed jewel thief with a rap sheet dating to the 1950s has been arrested yet again.

Doris Payne's likeness--or, more specifically, her mugshot--has become nationally known over the years as she continues to rack up arrests into her eighth decade.

But this think now had legs since Drake does and gets a tat of Sade on his ribs.

It was all good when it was Drake, his mom and Sade, but even then people said that it was Sade “meeting the parent.” I immediately called BS.


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