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In fact, I’m pretty sure that Mc Donald’s has a no underwear over your pant policy. It's weird, when you buy a house you just suddenly become really conservative. Who needs cable when that guys sitting there rubbin' one out?

Watch CNN headline news for an hour, its the most depressing fucking thing: war, famine, death, AIDS, homeless, recession, depression... Before, when I rented, I didn't give a shit if there was a homeless guy jerking off on the street.

Austin Mostrong, 20, and Preston Mostrong, 19, pleaded not guilty on May 2 to murder and torture charges in Lowery’s death. They could be sent to prison for life with parole if they are convicted.

Sheriff’s officials have said Lowery was kicked and punched repeatedly in the head.

Everyone on this site is a genuine single looking to find a new partner.

His wife found him unconscious near their camp along a riverbed west of Magnolia Avenue near Chubb Lane on April 24. Medics began life-saving efforts on Lowery and rushed him to a hospital, where he died on April 28.

Once I saw a homeless man wearing his underwear on top of his pants. The dog’s going, "Hey pal, I can do this by myself pretty well. 'Ahhh there's a pothole down the street that needs to be covered!

For over a decade, Tony looked at this cliff that he estimates at being about 100 feet high.

Once he finally took the leap, Tony and all of us watching instantly realized he made a terrifying error.


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