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From a tented stage twenty yards away, separated from his “audience” by a damp stretch of muddy lawn, Morris cobbles together a set consisting of tracks from the Hush Sound, whose fall came as abruptly as their meteoric rise; Stamps, the breezy indie-pop act he founded in the wake of the Hush Sound’s demise and subsequently had ripped out from under his feet; and Le Swish, the strictly part-time project Morris is currently struggling to launch…

Goodbye Blues was available for pre-order from January 29, through The Hush Sound's official website.Greta's voice has changed dramatically; it seems to have more depth and tone.It might break your heart to know that The Hush Sound's third album, Goodbye Blues, almost never existed.Nearing the end of 2006, the Chicago foursome which formed in the very beginning of 2005 andreleased their debut album, So Sudden, in October of the same year was on the verge of bidding each other and their band adieu.They hadjust released their sophomore effort, Like Vines (which has sold over60,000 copies to date), through Pete Wentz's Decaydance imprinton label Fueled By Ramen, but thankfully had embarked on a sold-out headlining tour which came to its pinnacle during a packed show at Philadelphia's Theater of the Living Arts.Goodbye Blues is the third album by The Hush Sound.


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